Friday, January 28, 2011

Yeah for LA!

Well we are finally here in LA.  The flight was long but fun with so many of my friends on there with us.  When we got to LA airport there was a lot of construction.  Just loved this sign.  We got into our waiting shuttle and headed off to the hotel.  We met up with some friends from another scrapbook store in Sydney and headed off to see LA.

We are staying not far from the new LAPD building. We walked up and had a look at the badges of the officers that have died in duty. It went back as far as 1907. It was just amazing.

We met a Detective and he told us that we could walk right up to the top of the City Hall building.  It was fantastic.  The view was amazing.  There were so many sites that we could see including the Hollywood sign.

Then it was time for some shopping.  The Jewellery District was stunning.  6 city blocks of bling.  We headed back to the hotel finally, had the yummist Japanese dinner then off to bed.

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