Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Will

Well today is my Will's 3rd Brithday. Where does the time go. We had an early start this morning so we could open presents. When we ask him how old he is he tells us that he is 3 candles. Way too cute.

3 years ago when he was born he was a few weeks early. He was born on a Friday and we were supposed to be at a charity Triva night on the Saturday. You see I don't like hospitals so Saturday morning we got to go home (the long way - thanks Phil) and we had nothing else on so we took baby Will to the Triva night. Less than 36 hours old. He even won a prize for being the youngest there.

I love telling this story.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


What an experience. I would do this again in a heartbeat. We spent the whole day playing with Glimmermist, Glimmer Glam, Glimmer Glaze and lots of other glimmery products. Wendy and Heidi were just amazing. The world of Glimmer products is endless.

We will be planning classes to show what we have learned. I cannot wait to share with our wonderful customers the techniques and tips to help make your layouts special.

Heidi spoke of why we scrap. She said we scrap because it helps us remember. If we forget it is lost forever. Scrap your life, the good and the bad, so we can remember. If you forget it is lost forever.

What If..

What If....
What a strange question to ask. I don't think I really knew why this question was important until I heard Heidi Swapp speak on Wednesday. What If...I had never started to work on my own? What If...Phil had not changed jobs? What If.....I had never met Alex Hughes?
One of my favourite sayings is "Throw all your balls in the air and just deal with the one that hits you first". What If...I had never started our Scrapbook store Pages 2 Scrap? I have the best business in the world. I have a place where I can go to find inspiration, express myself and enjoy the company of wonderful people.
I may not update this very often, but I will give it a go.