Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I have been up to...

The last few days have been a little different from my normal week. On Friday I got some news that my Aunty had some chest pains and was admitted to hospital and that she was going to have to have an angiogram to see if there were any blockages. Andrea is more like a sister to me and I knew that I had to fly up to Brisbane and be there with her. So off I went on Sunday, bag full of scrapping stuff. (notice the mags on the bed!!)

Here are some of the tags that we did in the hosptial. I think the nurses thought we were a little nutty.

Andrea got the all clear. So on Tuesday she was allowed to go home. We knew that she was okay when she asked to stop at a scrapbook store on the way home!! But we made her go home and rest instead. So on Wednesday I took her to the scrapbook shop. I just love looking at other scrapbook shops, I get some many good ideas.
For afternoon tea we went to Max Brenner's for a celebration of good health!! Don't you just love what I had to celerate!!
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