Wednesday, February 15, 2012

USA - Part One - Vegas

Well we had the most fantastic time on our trip to CHA.  Before we got down to work we spent 3 days in Vegas.   Vegas is a world of it's own.  

You know you are in Vegas the minute you get off the plane.  It is hard to believe that the minute you walk from the plane you see slot machines.  They are all the way through the airport.  It was just so weird to see people sitting in the airport playing the slot machines.

We were so lucky to the stay at the Venetian Hotel.  I cannot say enough just how amazing this place is.  We had a massive sweet.  The beds were, as Sarah said, just like sleeping on a marshmallow.   I so did not want to get out of bed.  In fact the first night/morning we actually slept in way past were we had planned to.  But the bed was just so comfy.

The photo above was taken in the reception area of the hotel.  Down the end of the hallway was the casino.  Yes we did play the slots.  We also had a wonderful meal sometime after midnight the first evening!!

More to come soon.

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