Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pages 2 Scrap Retreat

This past weekend was Pages 2 Scrap's retreat. We had the best time. I cannot beleive how much laughing we did.

It all started on Friday morning with us running around packing up the goodies and store supplies

I am so grateful for the lovely staff that I have to help me with events like this.  This is Sarah Moseley and me.  It is just so much fun to make her laugh (and very easy to).

Customers started to arrive about midday.  On Friday night we had 27 customers to entertain.  It was so easy to entertain such a great group of woman.

This is Sarah Schwerin and me.  She totally cracks me up.  All it seems to take is one look from Sarah and I am in stitches laughing.

Our theme for the weekend was pink and black.  We had 200 pink and black balloons and we all had a little pink and black on each day.

On Saturday we had more ladies arrive.  In total we had 41 lovely ladies attend the retreat. 

This is Bec and me.  I have to say that Friday night sharing a room with Bec was one of the funniest that I have had in a long time.  What happens in the room stays in the room!!

Sunday was the last day of Retreat and it was sad to say goodbye to all the ladies.

Can't wait for the next one.

Thanks for stopping by.


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