Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Umbrella Man

I have only just started playing with working on canvas.  This was my first solo attempt.  I really was not sure what I was doing but I actually love the result.  I started out with a text paper background.  I have done several layers to add a little dimension.  Then I discovered the Tim Holtz Umbrella Man die.  I wanted to create the feeling of being the one in the crowd that stands out. 

I have used the Viva Precious Metal Turquoise all over the canvas in different thicknesses.  I then used the Viva Croco Crackling Colour - Transparent over the top.

The variation to the crackle is so much fun to play with.  It looks great as a background or even over the top as I have done it here.  It was exactly the effect that I was looking for on this canvas.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. oh Tracey this is just gorgeous. Love the crackle and especially love the idea behind it of being the one in the crowd that stands out.

  2. Fantastic! So much feeling and expression in this piece. My personal application: Me, on a depressingly dreary morning, sitting in front of my happy light and feeling like I can make it through one more day.
    Thank you.